Exclusive expressing on one side only

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Hi I have been suffering from clogged ducts every 3-4 days for the past 3 weeks. It is so painful that I feel like I can't continue and I want to give...

Blocked ducts

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I have extremely painful blocked ducts in my right breast. how can I clear these? I don't know if the baby is getting much milk from this breast. When...

Excruciating cut on nipple

Posted by Anonymous on - 1 reply

Hi, I was wondering if you might have some advice on how to treat a damaged nipple. I have a cut near the base of the nipple and each feeding is excru...


Posted by Anonymous on - 1 reply

Hi, my 9 month old bites me pretty much every day now. He's got 5 teeth (top and bottom). He draws blood when he bites. I recently got and treated...

Baby will only feed when sleepy

Posted by Anonymous on - 1 reply

At about 3 months (my baby is now nearly 5 months) stopped feeding well and would pull off and scream when I would try to latch her on. I've found the...

Going away

Posted by Anonymous on - 1 reply

Hi there I would like some advice on what to do about going away for 3 days. I am currently exclusively breasfeeding altough have started in last...

Baby not full after feed

Posted by Anonymous on - 1 reply

Hello there, My baby is never ever satisfied after a feed. He's not been for three weeks (since he was born). I just feel like I may not be giving him...


Posted by Anonymous on - 2 replies

Do you have any advice re: how I can reduce wind and also help move the wind after breastfeeding? My three week old baby is struggling.

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