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Hi there

I would like some advice on what to do about going away for 3 days. I am
currently exclusively breasfeeding altough have started in last week to give
one bottle in the evening time. Baby is 20 weeks old. I am just wondering
if you have any advice on what to do to keep my milk going while I am away?
I am going to take my medala electric pump with me to express every 3 hours
but will that suffice?? I am leaving expressed milk at home for her that I have
been storing over past few weeks,
Many thanks for your help with this

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Mar 2, 2017 11:48 AM


Thanks you for your questions.

Whilst you are away baby will need 20mls/kilo body weight/per feed (3 hourly) or 150mls/kilo/every 24 hours, for example a 5kg baby needs 100mls of breast milk per feed or 750mls of milk each 24 hours. Have you sufficient stores of breastmilk for baby?

Whilst you are away it will be necessary to pump volumes of expressed breast milk using the above calculation. This will maintain breast milk supply and minimise the risk of engorgement and mastitis.

I hope that this is helpful

Katherine Fisher Lactation Consultant