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Hello, I'm 37 weeks pregnant and hoping to breastfeed my baby. The midwife has suggested I take pre-prepared bottles to the birth centre "just in case" there is a problem. But I'd really rather keep trying to feed the baby myself. Do you think not taking bottles is a risk? Thanks, Kate

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Dec 5, 2016 20:18 PM

Hi Kate,

Thank you for your question about taking pre- prepared infant formula milk into hospital for the birth of your baby.

In the event of your baby needing additional nutritional support, I would expect the staff to assist you with hand expression of your colostrum to finger feed to your baby. If baby needs more milk hopefully donor expressed breastmilk would be available.

As you are now 37 weeks you can undertake colostrum harvesting; this ensures that you will have some frozen colostrum to thaw and give to baby before baby is able to breastfeed. Please do discuss this with your midwife.

If the above doesn't work, then therapeutic supplementation with artificial infant milk may be discussed with you. Ideally staff should be able to demonstrate methods of feeding that do not present a risk of baby acquiring a preference for bottles.

I attach a copy of my download which will help you to decide which method of supplemental feeding to use if baby needs it.

If you have not already visited the hospital or place or birth, it may be a good idea to do this and speak to the staff about the above issues; in particular enquire about their policy concerning the first feed and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugars).

Hope this helps. Please contact me if you have additional questions.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC

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