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Hello there, My baby is never ever satisfied after a feed. He's not been for three weeks (since he was born). I just feel like I may not be giving him enough milk as last week he wasn't up to his birth weight. I'm getting him weighed again today, but still feel a bit down. My boobs are sore due to the constant feeding and there's no support around where I live to check his latch, I rang the hospital midwife helpline ten days after he was born and they said they can't help and if I need any urgent advice to ring 111. I want to carry on breastfeeding but find myself dreading each feed and it's pretty much constant he will sleep in my arms for ten mins then wake again. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Dec 5, 2016 09:33 AM

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that you are continuing to have problems with your breastfeeding, which may be due to a number of issues including: Thrush, low milk supply or tongue tie which can cause inefficient milk transfer. Please see my attachment below that may help you.

Up until the 28th day after baby is born, you are entitled in law even if you have been discharged to midwifery care. The advice that you have been given to call 111 is not helpful. Have you called the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212? Health Visitors should also be able to help you by observing the feed and examining baby for tongue tie; details of where to find them should be on an insert in the front of your baby's red book.

The absolute best person to hep you is a Lactation Consultant (e.g. through the website for Lactation Consultants Great Britain or booking a consultation on WellVine).

I hope that this information is helpful and that you find some help with feeding your baby soon.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC

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