Diet and milk production in Breastfeeding

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Hi there, Do you by any chance have a diet plan I can follow while breastfeeding? What kind of food can I eat to help produce more milk, because since I got back to work my milk has reduced. Thank you in advance

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Nov 18, 2016 16:30 PM

Thank you for your question about foods to eat to improve breast milk supply as this has reduced since returning to work.

I think that the reason why your milk has reduced is that you are away from your baby and can only feed him/her whilst you are at home. To improve milk supply, you would need to express your milk by hand or pump at least twice whilst you are at work. If the breasts are not stimulated frequently throughout the day, the supply will reduce.

A good healthy diet containing fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables totalling a minimum of 2500 calories in 24 hours will be sufficient to maintain a good milk supply with the advice to express whilst you are at work.

Hope that this is helpful.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC