Baby vomiting in Breastfeeding

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Why is my 2 month old baby vomiting often, and sometimes it is thick like cold

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Nov 18, 2016 16:29 PM

Thank you for your question about your baby vomiting thick mucous.

It would be necessary to have baby examined by a doctor to check that they are well and not ill.

It would be normal if baby does have a cold to swallow mucous from the nose and lungs if coughed up, to then vomit this up with milk or on its own.

Mucous irritates the stomach and that is the reason for you being able to see it when baby vomits.

Taking baby into a steamy room or the use of paediatric saline nasal drops can help to thin the mucous and make it less troublesome.

Hope that this is helpful.

Hope this is helpful,

Katherine Fisher IBCLC