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My baby boy is twelve weeks and is now exclusively on breastfeeding. Next week I will be going back to my job. I am confused as to how I will continue my breastfeeding as I have a straight shift from 9 am to 6 pm. Kindly advise me. Thanks

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Nov 18, 2016 16:26 PM

Thank you for your question concerning continuing to breastfeed whilst working.

You can breastfeed baby before after your shift. Whilst you are working, the person looking after him can give him expressed breast milk and or formula milk. He is not yet old enough for other food.

If there is somewhere at work that you can express milk at least twice during your shift, it can be kept cool in an insulated container with ice packs in it until you return home. This milk can be given to your baby the next day. For breastmilk, each feed your baby will need 20mls for every kilo that he weighs; for example if he is 5 kilos he will need 100mls.

Hope this helps,

Katherine Fisher IBCLC