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Hi,first off I'd like to thank you for taking time and reading/replying to my question. So for a month now I've been taking an anticonvulsant called levitracetam (keppra) I take two 500 mg and half (250) twice a day total of 1,250 mg every 12 hours. I was told by a lactating consultant in the hospital it was safe to breastfeed my newborn. I went to my Dr appointment last week and he told me I could not breast feed. So I'm confused and would like n other opinion..is it safe to keep breast feeding?

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Nov 15, 2016 12:52 PM

Thank you for getting back to me with further information about the medication you are taking and asking whether it is safe to continue to continue to breastfeed;

Levitracetam is a broad spectrum anticonvulsant. The BNF (British National Formularly) advises that women taking single anticonvulsant therapy should be encouraged to breast feed.

Thomas W Hale's Medications in Mother's Milk (a Lactational Pharmacology resource that Lactation Consultants use), confirms that Levitracetam is Lactation risk L3 which is moderately safe. In addition, it confirms that there are no paediatric concerns via breastmilk in a study of 8 patients. In addition another study demonstrated that the metabolites of Levitracetam via breastmilk are rapidly cleared by baby and does not accumulate.

Hope this is helpful.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC