NICU colours/photos to help mums in Breastfeeding

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What are the best colors that we should paint breastfeeding room in NICU and help mums to relax & express more milk?

What are the best pictures that mum see while expressing milk?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:43 PM

Thank you for your question about decorating the breastfeeding /expressing room on NICU.

There is no definitive or evidenced answer to this question but a quick internet search suggests that the best colours for inducing relaxation and positivity are those that mimic the colours of the sky and sea, light sky or watery blues, greys and soft lavender shades. Alternatively soft greens and lemon also are suggested to be relaxing too
For pictures, I would suggest breastfeeding support posters depicting women and babies from different cultures; alternatively pictures of babies with their families or in everyday situations I think will help.

Hope this is helpful.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC