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My grandson newly born with jaundice he is 12 days old, he cries and kicks during breastfeeding, my daughter's nipples are very tender and sore, he doesn't sleep long and always hungry, he then falls asleep during breastfeeding, when trying to put him down, he wakes up screaming and latches on breast but crys in between feeds. What to do?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:42 PM

Thank you for your question about your grandson's feeding.

I attach two downloads which may help you and your daughter as it sounds like baby may have a simple positioning and attachment issue or a tongue-tie, which may prevent him accessing sufficient volume of milk at each feed, preventing him from settling and resolving jaundice.

The most effective way to begin to resolve these issues is to see a local breastfeeding specialist or lactation consultant, either through WellVine or you can find one locally through the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain website.

I hope that this is helpful,

Katherine Fisher IBCLC

Katherine fisher (2).zip