Latching issues in Breastfeeding

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We've had a lot of BF problems since birth. Baby is now 24days old. She is inconsistant in latching properly. When she does she doesn't stay on for a whole feed and sometimes it takes so long to get her latched on correctly int he first place. When she does latch properly she is ioenibg her lower jaw enough but her too guns are cutting into the very top of my nipple and she doesn't get any too aeroela.

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Nov 14, 2016 15:38 PM

Thank you for your question. Have you had some help with positioning and latching your baby from Midwives, Health Visitors, and Breastfeeding support staff? I attach my Problem Free Feed download and Tongue tie download that may help you too.

Has baby been examined for tongue tie? It's good to get a second opinion from a breastfeeding/tongue tie specialist as posterior variants are more difficult to identify, and the latching difficulties and compression of the nipples by gums are consistent with tongue tie.

I hope that this is initially helpful, but please contact me again if you need to.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC

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