Problems latching and how to increase milk supply in Breastfeeding

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Hi.. I have a two week old daughter who has problem latching on.. she is a bit tongue tie..hence sore and cracked nipple..currently undergoing treatment for mastitis infection.. So I tried expressing.. bought an electric pump but was very disappointed with my milk flow .could barely get 90ml at a time which is what my daughter takes at one feed .. continued researching and came across the hospital grade carum electric breast pump..I have on hire now but my milk supply instead seem to be diminishing as I can only mange 60ml . My daughter is always hungry and crying which frustrates me.. please help me .. what can I do to increase my milk supply

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Nov 14, 2016 15:37 PM

Thank you for your question.

From the description of the difficulties you describe, it strongly suggests that baby's tongue tie would benefit from treatment.

I attach some information about the assessment and treatment of tongue tie; all the difficulties you are currently experiencing are consistent with restricted tongue mobility due to Tongue tie.

Baby need 20mls/kilo/feed ie if she weighs 4 kg she would need 80 mls per feed, or 150 mls/kilo/every 24 hours ie 4x150 =600mls. Fom the volumes you are able to express there doesn't appear to be any problem with your milk supply, only baby's ability to get it whilst breastfeeding due to Tongue- tie.

Babies with Tongue tie can either increase or decrease their mother's milk supply due to the way they are able to suckle. Strategies to increase milk supply whilst expressing include, compressing the breast whilst expressing and varying the suck /vacuum settings throughout expressing to mimic what baby would so at the breast.

Hope this is helpful.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC

Tongue-Tie Download Katherine Fisher Jan 2014(1) (1).pdf