Period and decreased milk supply in Breastfeeding

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My milk supply appears to have decreased I am now only feeding morning and night but my baby has been crying at the Breast yesterday! So I decided to express last night and got very little. This morning the same happened baby got very upset at breast and had to give bottle. Also my period started back at the same time and not sure if the is a coincidence or not? Many thanks

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Nov 14, 2016 15:33 PM

Thank you for your email. It's no coincidence that your milk supply has decreased with the onset of your period; this is entirely normal. You will also notice a decrease in milk supply when you ovulate. During these two intervals in your monthly ovulation/menstrual cycle there will be a transient reduction in milk supply which baby will notice and complain about!

I am guessing that you and baby are in the process of reducing breastfeeds, if you want to feed more frequently especially during the night when Prolactin levels are elevated this will enable the cessation of periods and ovulation.

Hope this is helpful, please contact me again if you need further assistance.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC