How to wean baby off breastmilk in Breastfeeding

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My daughter is 1 and is weaning but she won't drink other milk apart from my breastmilk how can I get her off my milk and on to normal milk?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:32 PM

Thank you for your question concerning your daughter's milk intake.

You can begin to reduce baby's time at the breast gradually each feed by about 5 minutes, when baby begins to finish a feed offer the bottle or cup of milk. Other strategies that may help include;

Warming the milk and bottle teat.
Wrapping the bottle in a muslin so that baby doesn't recognise it, or offer the bottle whilst baby is at the breast in the breast feeding position.
Mix some expressed breast milk with formula milk to gradually mask the taste.
Some weaning foods i.e. 20gms of cheese or 2 baby size yoghurts can replace one third of baby's daily requirements for milk.
Hope this is helpful. Please contact me again if these initial strategies are unsuccessful.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC