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I recently weaned by 13 month old (10 days ago) off breastmilk. She was breastfeeding during the night using me as a comforter to get back to sleep (we're co sleeping) and she slept through the the night for the first time 10 days ago so she hasn't had any milk since then. My right breast has now become quite engorged and a little sore. I'm not sure if I should express a little or whether to use heat or cool packs. Do you have any tips? Many thanks

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Nov 14, 2016 15:29 PM

Many thanks for your question concerning breast engorgement following ceasing breastfeeding. Congratulations on breastfeeding your little one for 13 months. The following will help you to reduce the engorgement and improve comfort:

1) Multiply baby's weight in kilos x 10 and express this volume milk on the first day; reduce the amount expressed by 10 mls a day until you are reduced to nil supply. There will be small amounts of breastmilk present for a few months after you cease breastfeeding.

2) Apply cold or ice packs and use Ibuprofen if you can to reduce pain and inflamation

Hope this is helpful. Please do reach out to us with any further questions.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC