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Hi there, my baby never seems satisfied after a feed I am literally feeding her every half and hour to an hour but even then she isn't content after.. what am I doing wrong? Many thanks

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Nov 14, 2016 15:23 PM

Thank you for your email about baby not settling after feeds, I attach my Problem Free Free download that will begin to help you.

If baby is not settling for long after a feed it is usually due to insufficient milk transfer at the feed; Baby needs 20mls for every kilo that they weigh each feed ie if they weigh 3.5kg they need 70 mls per feed and 3.5 x 150 mls in 24 hours ie 525mls.

Factors affecting milk transfer include Tongue tie (please see my download), and low milk supply due to down regulation of supply due also to tongue tie, but also may be due to post partum blood loss or breast hypoplasia/insufficient milk transfer.

The one single thing that will improve milk transfer is breast compression, squeezing the breasts during the feed to ensure that baby gets optimum milk transfer.

Please see below links to Dr. Jack Newman's site and a video that provides more detailed information on how to do a breast compression.


Please discuss the above issues with your Health Visitor or local Breastfeeding Support Service, or find a local lactation consultant e.g. you can find one through the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain site.

I hope that you find the above information helpful and that feeding improves soon.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC