Pain in breast, swollen and burning in Breastfeeding

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Hey my son is 6 weeks old born 11lb 1oz. I have been exclusively breastfeeding had a few latch problems at first and had a few cracks but all seems ok now. Until a few days ago I started to feel pain in my left breast it's got worse by the day it's very sore to touch my hole breast feels swollen and when I feed him that side it feels like burning. I don't no if it's connected but I also feel rundown and tired. It's so painful to pick him up and hold him to my chest it's getting me down. I don't want to give up breastfeeding I want to stick it out but this pain is becoming unbearably. Is there anything I can do or am I doing it wrong. Thanks

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Nov 14, 2016 15:16 PM

It sounds like you've been doing such a fantastic job over the past 6 weeks. It's great to hear that you've overcome some initial positioning issues that were causing soreness and cracks.

I imagine it must be really frustrating and disappointing now to be experiencing this pain in your left breast. The symptoms you describe sound like the onset of mastitis. Mastitis typically starts as a blockage in a milk duct which may have been triggered from a longer gap between feeds or a baby feeding better on 1 side or sometimes even a badly-fitted bra or a knock to the breast. Positioning issues can also trigger mastitis if a baby is not able to effectively drain the breasts regularly.

This leaflet below has really good, current information on mastitis along with self-help measures as well as medical options, such as antibiotics, if required.

As mastitis often recurs it sounds like it would really be worthwhile talking things through with a Certified Lactation Consultant. They could help you to work out what triggered the blocked milk duct in the first place and work with you to consider options, such as positioning changes, to help avoid it returning.

I hope that you feel much better soon.

Sharon George IBCLC