Poor latch and position, please help in Breastfeeding

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My baby is struggling with latching and i am struggling with proper breastfeeding position too .also my baby is more used to taking bottle so he doesnt want to struggle much to suck.so i give home pumped milk but that too is may be 30-40% of what he takes whole day.. i feel rejected and bad that why my baby cannot take my milk directly, why i am.unable to give 100% breast milk.please help

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Nov 14, 2016 15:13 PM

It sounds like there is a lot happening for your new family and that you are feeling sad with the current situation. Sometimes when mothers are struggling with positioning their baby it can be helpful for them to get their baby to help too, this is called baby-led breastfeeding. With this approach babies use their mammal instincts to find the breast and latch on. Their mother helps by keeping the baby calm and providing the environment for the baby. Here is a website link showing how mothers use this approach:


The key thing to remember with this approach is that a calm mother helps their baby to be calm. When a baby is calm they can use their instincts to find the breast. When they are not calm they forget what to do and get upset. When a mother is calm her oxytocin or love hormone flows and this helps her milk to flow. Some mothers find it is helpful to try this approach when their baby is quite sleepy or only just starting to show signs that they are hungry. If your baby is very hungry it may be better to give them some milk in a bottle first to help calm them before trying the breast again.

As milk supply is affected by how often how breasts are drained and stimulated it is understandable that if a baby is not breastfeeding very often that the milk supply reduces. In these circumstances mothers may need to express regularly to help maintain their supply. I wonder how often you are finding time to express? It is completely understandable for new mothers to find it hard to fit in expressing. Perhaps somebody could help look after your baby sometimes so that you can express and help increase your supply?

It sounds like it would be really beneficial for you to review your situation with a Certified Lactation Consultant so that you can get support with positioning and consider options for increasing your milk supply.

I hope that this information is helpful to you.

Sharon George IBCLC