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Hi, I am in a desperate situation and really need some advice. My son is 15 months old and I'm pregnant with my second baby. He is still breastfeeding up to 6 times a night and I am trying to wean him but nothing is working. Nothing else comforts him! He screams for hours if I refuse. Not only has it become painful but I'm exhausted and really need some sleep and a few months off feeding before I start all over again. Any advice gratefully received! Thank you.

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Nov 14, 2016 15:12 PM

It sounds like you have been doing such an amazing job with your toddler but are now understandably exhausted and would like to change things.

I imagine you've already tried techniques such as offering a beaker instead of the breast, asking someone else to go to your son to settle them etc. If not, I'd suggest trying these steps first.

La Leche League groups can be a really supportive place for mums in similar circumstances.

You can find the nearest group to you online via their site (; their site will also have further tips for you.

I hope that you find a way forward to suit your growing family soon. Please do contact us if you need further help.

Sharon George IBCLC