Expressing milk and low milk supply in Breastfeeding

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I have no muscletone to my breasts and it makes feeding and expressing difficult (i can currently only hand express) is there any machine etc that would help me express properly and collect more milk? what is the best position for my baby and i feeding so im not constantly having to hold my bob up and shes not lying uncomfortable? also how can I boost my milk supply Thank you in advance

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Nov 14, 2016 15:11 PM

I’m wondering when you refer to muscle tone in your breasts whether you have larger breasts with a lot of breast tissue? If so, using a gentle prop such as a rolled-up muslin under the breast to help lift it when feeding may be helpful. You can also buy a ‘breast sling’ which helps to lift the breast which some mothers find useful. Women with larger breasts can find that positions up the side of their bodies, either leaning back or more upright, can be a helpful approach.

In terms of expressing it depends on circumstances. A double hospital-grade pump which you can hire online with manufacturers like Medela or Ardo can be vital for a mother who needs to maintain her milk supply whilst her baby is not going to the breast. For occasional expressing a single pump can be useful. Express Yourself Mums website has a range of different options to look at. You could also ask your friends what they found worked for them.

By spending as much time as possible with a baby at the breast in conjunction with expressing milk supply is normally boosted. For additional ideas for helping milk supply the Kellymom or LowMilkSupply websites have very good information.

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Sharon George IBCLC