Pain in breast in Breastfeeding

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Hi, since yesterday I have pain on my right breast on the right side near the arm. The pain is constantly there. What can it be? Thank you

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Nov 14, 2016 15:09 PM

I wonder if you can feel any lumpy or hard / tender areas around the pain you are describing? Are there any red, streaky areas on the surface of the breast too? The symptoms you describe sound like a milked blocked duct and can commonly be felt going up the side of the breast towards the armpit towards the lymph nodes. Warmth and massage – perhaps in the bath or a shower – can be a helpful way to reduce the blockage. Also encouraging your baby to breastfeed more on this breast whilst massaging / stroking the affected area may also be helpful. Some mothers also find that their symptoms can be improved by swinging the arm on the same side of the breast around in a circular motion to help move any blocked milk. After massage / feeding using cool on the affected area can help too to reduce any inflammation. These actions will hopefully help you to avoid mastitis.

The Kellymom website has very good information about blocked milk ducts along with lots of other breastfeeding topics. A Certified Lactation Consultant would also be able to guide you in helping to resolve this issue.

I hope that you start to feel much better soon.

Sharon George IBCLC