Shooting pain in breast in Breastfeeding

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My baby is a month old now and I'm experiencing shooting pain from my breast both during and after feeds.... The pain has been there for about 1.5weeks now... What can I do to stop this?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:08 PM

It sounds like you’ve been feeling really quite uncomfortable for some time and that it would be good to work out the cause of the problem. The most likely cause of pain happening during and continuing after a breastfeed is a positioning issue. If a baby is not latched on as well as they might be then they may be compressing the nipple. As nipples are so full of nerve endings and super-sensitive it is not surprising that mothers can describe shooting and other really intense pain through their breasts and even into their arms and wider chest area. As the nerves recover from compression during a feed this can trigger the type of sensations you are describing after you’ve finished a feed too.

I wonder what shape your nipple looks like when your baby comes off the breast? This is a very good indicator of good positioning or shows up a problem. When a nipple comes out of a baby’s mouth looking its normal shape then the position has been a good one. If the nipple comes out looking at all misshapen, perhaps like a new lipstick, or pinched or has a stripe across it then positioning needs to be reviewed.

Asking a Certified Lactation Consultant to observe a full breastfeed with you and reviewing positioning may be a helpful way to assess what is happening for you and your baby.

Best wishes

Sharon George IBCLC