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My baby feeds for long periods of time, intermittently falling asleep and does not appear to be full. How can I stop her falling asleep and making sure she becomes full ?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:06 PM

Thank you for your question which is a common concern for breastfeeding mothers. I wonder if you’re noticing different patterns of sucking and swallowing during your baby’s feeds? Often near the start of a feed we will notice that a baby may be feeding more actively with lots of sucking and swallowing. Then, as the milk flow slows down / babies get more tired we will notice that the pattern slows down and after a while may only see light sucking with no swallows.

Strategies to help encourage a sleepy baby include massaging or compressing the breast by holding 1 hand on the breast whilst feeding and squeezing (gently!) to encourage more milk flow. Often babies will respond quite quickly to this with more active sucking. Mothers can then move their hand around the breast to other milk ducts to help their baby take more milk. If you notice your baby continuing to slow down / stop feeding then you could switch to the 2nd breast to wake them up and stimulate them to take more milk on that side. A Certified Lactation Consultant would be able to observe a full breastfeed with you and work on these and other strategies with you.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you.

Best wishes

Sharon George IBCLC