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My baby won't latch on he's fussing and getting frustrated but isn't sucking properly! I had to give him a bottle last night. I've tried him again this morning and he is doing the same. I've expressed some milk now as I don't really want to give formula but I had to last night. Has he forgotten how to latch to me I'm getting upset and worried he won't take off me anymore! Please help, i did skin to skin for around 2 hrs last night and he had a small amount and fell asleep. He is 5 wks old! Thank you

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Nov 14, 2016 15:04 PM

It sounds like you’re understandably feeling very concerned and worried about your baby’s behaviour. I’m wondering if anything different has been happening for you over recent days that could have contributed to this change? Sometimes, for example, if a baby has a cold or is feeling generally unwell they may go off the breast as it’s difficult for them to breath. Could anything have changed on your side? Taking new medications or you feeling unwell for instance could contribute to a change in behaviour.

It sounds like you are really well-informed after 5 weeks of breastfeeding. Using skin to skin together can be a really helpful strategy in these type of circumstances, so it’s great to hear that you tried this last night. Trying to keep the breast as a calm and happy place for you both sounds important. Perhaps trying something a little bit different too, such as walking around the room whilst holding your baby near the breast. Some mothers find that taking a bath with their baby can be helpful too – although you may need somebody to help you both with this.

Generally behaviour changes like this are a temporary blip. I really hope that this proves to be the case for you. If you’d like to talk through your concerns and consider additional strategies then do consider contacting a Certified Lactation Consultant.

Best wishes

Sharon George IBCLC