Best diet for weight loss in Breastfeeding

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Best diet to assist weight loss for mum and good nourishment for babywhile breastfeeding?

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Nov 14, 2016 15:01 PM

Thank you for your message. I wonder how old your baby is? We know from lots of research evidence that breastfeeding naturally assists a mother to lose weight. The extra reserves that are laid down in a pregnant woman’s body are designed to be mobilised into her breastmilk when her baby arrives. As it takes 9 months to prepare these reserves it can take a similar time for them to disappear! We also know from research that it isn’t a good idea for a new mother’s body to lose these reserves too quickly.

A breastfeeding mother utilises an estimated extra 500 calories a day while she’s breastfeeding. Some of these calories will be met from extra food and drink – many breastfeeding mothers describe feeling more hungry and thirsty while their feeding. The rest of these calories will come from the ‘reserves’ in a mother’s body. For these reasons there have been several research studies that have shown breastfeeding protects women from obesity, as well as their babies. If you are a fan of TED talks you might enjoy this talk by an American cardiologist and her findings in relation to post-pregnancy weight loss from breastfeeding.

There are no particular foods or drinks that a breastfeeding mother needs to eat apart from keeping herself healthy. The only supplement recommended for breastfeeding mothers by the Department of Health is Vitamin D. Nature takes care of the recipe to ensure that every mother’s milk contains what her baby needs.

I hope that this helps with your question. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Sharon George IBCLC