No/Low milk supply in Breastfeeding

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Hi my baby is only 10days old.just two days my breastmilk just stopped.I'm worried and stressing over this.I've had two kids before. my youngest is 2yrs old and both breastfed til over 1yr.please I want to breastfed help me get back my flow.

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Nov 14, 2016 14:56 PM

Thank you for your message. Goodness, it sounds like you are understandably very concerned about your milk supply with your new baby.

I wonder what signs you are noticing to indicate a change in supply? If expressing could there be a problem with the pump? If breastfeeding directly have you felt a difference in your breasts along with behaviour changes in your baby - such as not sucking or getting frustrated? There could also potentially be medical areas to consider, such as retained placenta or heavy blood loss during your birth experience.

It sounds like it would be helpful to talk through your situation with a Certified Lactation Consultant as soon as possible to really explore what's happening for you and come up with a plan.

Thinking of you and I hope that this information is helpful.

Sharon George IBCLC

Nov 14, 2016 14:57 PM

Yes, my breast feels rather soft and saggig.when I used breast pump before I would get almost two onces each. Now when I pump its little too no milk.manually its just like droplets. When I put baby on breast he would start to suckle then in less than five seconds fusses and cry. In still having PV bleed but only when I pass urine is it birth baby was posterior lie, after birth I experienced serious back pains and didn't pass stool til third day after birth.

Nov 14, 2016 14:58 PM

Thank you for your response and additional information.

It sounds really quite unusual to notice milk supply dropping like this, especially with a mum who has breastfed successfully in the past. For these reasons it sounds like requesting blood tests to ascertain your hormone levels as soon as possible would be a good idea. If you are still under your Midwife's care you could ask them, otherwise your GP should be able to help.

Best wishes

Sharon George IBCLC