Short feeds and regular night time waking in Breastfeeding

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My baby girl is nearly 12 weeks old. In the last 4 weeks she's started only feeding for 5-10 mins from one breast. Her latch had been looked at and it's pretty good. She usually sucks rapidly for 5 mins and then slows down and usually falls asleep. It is rare for her to stay awake during a daytime feed. I do breast compressions to keep her going which only works sometime. I usually feed her at 5pm and then 7pm. My husband next gives her a bottle of breast milk or formula between 11pm and 11.30pm. After this she can wake up every 1-2 hours until about 6am. She doesn't wake fully but flaps arms and kick legs, turns her head. She never cries. I'm not sure if this waking is due to hunger or comfort. Lastly she had a mild posterior tongue tie that was snipped at 3 weeks but we found out last week it has reattached. I don't know if we should repeat the procedure as her latch is good and I'm rarely in pain. Thanks

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Sep 21, 2016 15:30 PM

Thank you for your email and questions concerning your baby's feeding behaviors.
It appears very much to me that the recurrent tongue tie is causing the feeding difficulties you are able to describe.
Feeding a baby with a recurrent tongue tie or even an untreated tongue tie can be pain free and the latch look perfect.
However recurrence of tongue tie as a consequence of normal post frenulotomy healing can significantly restrict tongue mobilities, resulting in baby fatiguing at the breast, unable to transfer adequate volume so feeding frequently or not feeding frequently enough.
Please consider seeing a local lactation consultant or breatfeeding specialist who is familier with post frenulotomy feeding support, if necessary they can refer you to a surgical specialist for revision of recurrent tongue ties