Baby that won't latch in Breastfeeding

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Hi my sister in law had s baby two days ago by c section she is having a lot of trouble getting the baby to latch . I am a nurse but not a lactation consultant but it looks like the baby has a lip tie . The hospital she is in doesn't have a lactation consultant so she cannot get that help . He has only latched on once since being born . Can you recommend a lactation consultant in Northern Ireland ?

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Sep 15, 2016 22:00 PM

Hi many thanks for your email concerning your sister in laws baby not latching at the breast and that you suspect that a lip tie may be causing difficulty with latching. There is currently no peer reviewed punlished evidence that treating a lip tie will help baby to latch better. However there is evidence to suppor treatment of tongue tie which can cause problems with latching. Until your sister in law can see a lactation consultant ( please search the Lactation Consultants Great Britain website). In the meantime your sister needs to initiate and maintain her milk supply by expressing her milk, and feeding this via a method that minimises the risk of teat and flow preference for baby ie syringe or finger feeding