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I just wanted to know if it is possible to put my 3 month old baby back to breast feeding after introducing the bottle at one month. I have been mix feeding up to two months and have stopped now she is completely on bottle feeding. i just want to ask if it is possible to slowly put her back on the breast. And how it is possible

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Shammi khatun

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Sep 10, 2016 21:05 PM

Dear Shammi, many thanks for your email and questions about beginning to breastfeed your baby again.
You do not say the reason for transitioning baby from breastfeeding to mixed feeding to fully formula feeding, but as you were lactating, I will advise accordingly.
To start breastfeeding baby again the following steps are necessary:
1) Offer the breasts each feed, before and after a bottle feed.
2) Use a slow flow teat and paced bottle feeding ( look at Jackie Barton's Youtube video 'Paced bottle feeding for breastfed babies'
3) Hire a hospital grade double breast pump, and express 6+ times in 24 hours after bottle/breastfeeds use an milk expressed in this way together with the formula milk. It would be entirely normal to not be able to pump any milk or just a few drops in the first few days of this process.
4) If baby refuses the breast at first use a nipple shield to transition them from the bottle to the breast.
5) If there is difficulty initiating a breast milk supply please discuss with your gp medication to assist with this. Alternatively there are various naturally occurring substances that can help increase milk supply, including fenugreek.
As your breastmilk supply begins to increase hopefully you will find that you are using less formula milk, it would be important to monitor baby's weight.