How to maintain lactation in Breastfeeding

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Hi, I have twin boys aged 3 months. I am keen to continue exclusively breastfeeding them until 6 months. I have noticed my left breast is considerably smaller and produces much less milk than my right. The left breast has an inverted nipple and thus I don't feed the boys with it as it is a struggle most times and they fall asleep exhausted. I have used a nipplette to tease out the nipple and the boys now attach better. However when I express, I notice that the output is much less. Will this improve?

How do maintain lactation from both breasts? Though the right breast produces more, my flow is not as good as it used to be.

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Sep 1, 2016 09:13 AM

Hi many thanks for your email and questions about milk supply for your twins.

It is not unusual to have some asymmetry in breast size and milk production, given that you are exclusively breastfeeding twins, I have no concern that the breasts may be hypoplastic.

The smaller breast may always remain this way, but here are some tips to increase your milk in the smaller breast and be able to mature the inverted nipple so that the babies can feed from it;

1) Use the smaller breast for expressing milk, feed this to the babies via finger feeding or paced bottle feeding.Expressing milk will assist in maturing the nipple and making it more protractile for the twins to more easily feed from.(see attached download)

2) Use a nipple maturing device- Lansinoh Latc Assist, immediately before feeding the babies.

3) Consider the use of a nipple shield when feeding from the breast with the inverted nipple, this will both lengthen and eventually draw the nipple out more. (see attached download on how to use a nipple shield correctly.)
Hope this helps,

Your Baby and Expressed Breast__ Milk Download March 2014 Final(1).pdf