Recurrent thrush in Breastfeeding

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Hi my 12 week daughter and I are suffering from recurrent episodes of thrush despite creams from the doctor. Is there anything else I can do to prevent it returning

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Aug 27, 2016 16:35 PM

Thank you for your question about recurrent Thrush.
Thrush is a very common occurrence in breastfeeding mothers and their babies, it can also be persistent and difficult to treat with anti-fungal creams for the mother's breasts and baby's bottom, and anti-fungal oral medication, liquid suspension or gel.
For treatment of recurrent thrush please discuss with your GP treatment with an oral anti-fungal medication called Fluconazole to treat you, baby will also get some of the medication via the breastmilk, its important to continue to use the creams etc until after the thrush has gone for the prescribed length of time. The GP may want to take a sample of milk or swab your nipples to confirm or exclude Thrush.
Other strategies that may help include: making sure no other family members have undiagnosed fungal infections ie athletes foot, change your bathroom towels daily, use an anti-fungal clothes wash, change breast pads when wet, reduce sugars and fermented foods and drinks. Hope this is helpful.