Toddler hurting me in Breastfeeding

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Is there anything I can do about a toddler who bites and twiddles nipples really roughly? My 22 month old bit me so hard yesterday I bled quite a lot and he's been treating it like a game, unfortunately. I've tried showing him that it hurts me and he seems to understand, but then does it again. He also gets very frustrated when I cover my nipple to stop him pinching it.

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Aug 19, 2016 20:33 PM

Hi many thanks for your email and questions about your toddler biting etc whilst feeding.
Babies usually bite to induce further let downs of milk or to stem milk flow if you know why he is doing it, you may be able to prevent further biting by pre empting it, for example take him off when you feel that he has enough, or take him off and stem the milk flow with the heel of your hand or a muslin then put him back on the breast.
As far as nipple twiddling is concerned, older babies and toddlers often like to twiddle with something whilst feeding. Nipple twiddling can be so irritating and toe curling, Try wearing a necklace with large bright beads, hold his hands, or encourage him to play with your hair instead.
Hope this helps