Night time leaking in Breastfeeding

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Im having a few issues overnight as my exclusively breastfed lil one has started sleeping through the night. Because of this im finding im either waking up in the early hours completely soaked through (numerous breastpads, tops, muslins etc), so engorged that im in agony or both. My little one will feed before bed until around 8-8.30. I dont know whether to express during the night to ease the discomfort or whether this will encourage more milk production. Ive hand expressed a bit off before now just to ease the discomfort a litttle but it soon starts hurting again. During the day i have no problems at all.

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Aug 15, 2016 09:56 AM

Hi Thank you for your email and questions about reducing milk supply overnight.
I suggest that you express decreasing amounts before your bedtime and again in the morning when you wake up.

The idea is that you reduce the supply without becoming engorged, the rule is not to express more than your baby would need for a feed ie 20mls/kilo weight/per feed, ie if baby is 6 kg they need approximately 120 mls for a feed. the first night and morning express this amount each night and morning thereafter reduce the amount expressed by 20mls until you are reduced to zero, hope this is helpful, if not please contact me again.