Fast let down in Breastfeeding

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Hi, I am having the following issues with exclusive breastfeeding;
Baby is 13 days old and so far has had good latch and putting on weight very well.
Last week we have had thrush but this is now cleared up
Last 2-3 days baby has become more fussy during and between feedings
Constantly losing suction during feeding
Sometimes coughing and spluttering during feeds
Feeds have been getting shorter
Still comfort feeding sometimes
Lots of wet and dirty nappies per day (7+)
Has started bringing milk back up after some feeds (not all, twice yesterday and twice so far today)
Feeds are anything from 1hr to 3 hrs and can be 5mins or 20mins. Mostly one boob per feed sometimes both.
Keeps coming off and on the nipple during feeds
Doesn't seem to have much wind but does fart
Doesn't seem to take full mouthful of nipple during feeds
Have started to hear her tummy gurgling
My breast are not engorged but do feel heavy and nipples feel more tight

Think that's it!! Any suggestions please?
Many thanks

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Aug 5, 2016 10:01 AM

Many thanks for your email and questions about managing your baby's feeds when the milk is coming too fast.
Strategies to manage fast milk flow include: feed baby in a more upright and laid back position, hand express off about 10mls at the start or the feed to reduce the head of pressure, if baby is having trouble coping with the flow at the beginning of the feed,.use the heel of your hand to press back into the breast to stem the flow.
Almost all the behaviours you describe are also associated with baby having a tongue tie, consult with a lactation consultant or other breastfeeding specialist for to discuss an oral assessment to confirm or exclude the presence of a tongue tie affecting the way that her tongue is able to move and cope with fast let down