Baby keeps searching for breast in Breastfeeding

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after a rough start my milk production is up and have been been feeding for 2.5 weeks now. tonight during her aftwr bath time feeding..she remained very awake (normally she falls asleep) and kept searching .. making ducking sounds and tring to latch on my hand etc. I fed her for 1.5 hrs straight... during which she wasn't always actively drinking.. and she kept doing it we finally got her to sleep now but it made me worried whether she was still hungry and if anything is wrong with my milk production. I did use the pump to swe if I could store some extra milk for her and was succesful. I guess that means the amount of milk i have is fine. what could have caused her behavior and what can I do to help her when this happens?

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Aug 3, 2016 16:07 PM

Hi many thanks for your email and questions about your baby's post breastfeeding behaviours. The issues you describe are entirely normal particularly for breastfed babies as they love to suck, unfortunately pre- feeding behaviours (sucking fists and turning towards the breast) look exactly the same as the behaviours after baby has had a good feed.
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