Sleeping through the night in Breastfeeding

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My exclusively breast fed 6 month old has only slept through the night once or twice, but as it becomes a more regular thing, I'm wondering how my supply will be affected? Do I need to get up and pump? Or will my body adjust to not become engorged at night and still produce enough milk throughout the day?

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Aug 2, 2016 13:12 PM

Hi thank you for your email and questions concerning maintaining a milk supply when baby sleeps through the night (usually defined as 5 hours).
The breasts will accomadate this change and will adjust, however on the first few days they may feel like they are full to bursting and that you really need to feed baby as soon as they or you wake. In the early days of the new routine it may be difficult to latch baby at first attempt as the breasts will be very firm, and baby wont be able to latch onto the nipple and areola. To manage this just hand express 10-20mls of breastmilk just to soften the areola, no need to express to soften the entire breast you will usually only need to do this for a few days.
A consequence of the breastfed baby beginning to sleep through the night is that you may begin to ovulate and have periods again, during these two separate episodes in your cycle there may be a transient minor dip in supply which you and baby may notice, just feed through it.