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I continually get pain in one of my breasts. It feels as though theres something stuck in it, and originally I thought it was a clogged duct, but after seeing an LC she said it didn't feel like it... and by that point it was passed. However, I get sharp shooting pains occasionally in my breasts, and then every couple days one of my breasts (they rotate) will be painful and one of the holes where the BM is coming from is expressing a different color milk than the other holes are. I have had nipple piercings (had them done twice so theres a lot of holes) before and in one of the holes on each breast usually theres more of a yellowish color than the other holes have (the normal white). And it's very tender to press on a certain area, which is expressing the different color milk. What does this sound like? No signs of anything abnormal in baby. He's extremely gassy, but has been that way since birth I believe. This has been going on for a while now with me. I thought it was normal, but after talking to some friends.. they don't have this issue. And I know SOMETHING is going on because when it happens, the other breast feels fine. No pain, nothing. But when it happens, the breast that has the issue really hurts. It hurts in the breast tissue and at the nipple. It's more of a throbbing pain (the entire time, before after during feedings).. and then when I get random sharp shooting pains it very brief.. maybe 30 seconds. When I do get this it's weird because it'll show up in the middle of one day.. and hurt for 15-20 hours, and then is gone by the next day. It rotates with breasts? Other than that, no symptoms or signs of anything else. Don't know if this is normal?

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Aug 1, 2016 22:08 PM

Hi Many thanks for your email and breastfeeding questions.

I think what may be happening is that you may have ductal candiasis (thrush in the breast) the pain associated with this condition is often described by mothers as being sharp and shooting pain, sometimes there will be referred pain along the intercostal nerves to the shoulders and back, you dont have a fever with this.

I am also thinking that the piercings may have provided an entry for the normal fungal film we have on our skin, the milk may be different colours from various piercing holes and nipple pores due to if the piercing divided a nipple pore or not.

I think the first thing to do would be to discuss with the GP the possibility of swabbing both nipples and culturing a sample of breastmilk to confirm or exclude fungal or bacterial infection. Thrush and bacterial infections are fairly normal in breastfeeding and are readily treated with anti fungal or antibiotic medication, baby should also be treated too especially is it is a fungal infection, there is no need to stop breastfeeding.

If you are feeling any kind of lump or mass in the breast that doesnt resolve within 24-48 hours of self help measures; massage, warmth, feeding baby, expressing the milk, please see your GP, who may decide to refer you for ultrasound examination.
Hope this helps!