Expressing for 1 bottle per day in Breastfeeding

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My baby is three weeks old. Within the next two weeks I would like to introduce one bottle per day of expressed milk.
At the moment the baby is feeding every three-four hours (sometimes 2 hours), and usually takes and empties both breasts. At night usually only one breast per feed.
When should i schedule the expressing, will this interfere with normal bf routine ?

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Aug 1, 2016 14:26 PM

Hi thank you for your email and questions about expressing your milk for a bottlefeed to give to your baby.

I attach a copy of my pdf, Breastmilk and your Breastfed Baby, which I think that you will find helpful.

It is best to express if you only need to get sufficient volume for one feed, by hand expressing or using your pump immediately after the first one or two feed of your waking day, this is when your prolactin levels are high and will cause least disruption to milk supply.
When you feed baby the bottle feed of EBM (expressed breast milk) ensure that baby is breastfed the feed before and after this feed, avoid giving two EBM feeds consecutively.
In the first few days of giving an EBM feed instead of a breastfeed you may experience some transient fullness/engorgement, this will settle quickly, try not to express again to relieve the discomfort.

Your Baby and Expressed Breast__ Milk Download March 2014 Final(1).pdf