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Hi there,
My 7 week old baby has been having lots of soiled nappies since Saturday. They vary in colour most are usual yellow, some are greener, some have quite a bit of mucous.
He seems in good enough humour otherwise but it is a change from the pattern he had. Should I be concerned or I'd there anything to look out for?
Does more and more foremilk build up if baby doesn't feed for a while?
Thank you

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Aug 1, 2016 14:35 PM

Hi thank you for your email and questions about baby's nappies.
Green poos are rarely due to a foremilk oversupply, 'hindmilk' is evidenced to be available after approximately 7/8 suckles at each feed, it doesnt build up in the breast.
Green poos are usually an indicator of a change in baby's gut motility ie the time it takes for a feed to travel through the gut, they are not usually of concern if baby is otherwise fit and well. Factors affecting gut motility include; bacterial or viral infection, foods or medications that the baby's mother may have taken.
It is also quite common for babies that have a cold and have a post nasal drip to have mucous in their poos or vomit.