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Hello, I am wondering if you can help us. I have a 10wk baby girl who generally BF's really well most days but occasionally we will get a feed where she is incredibly wriggly and fussy while attached, unlatching herself alot and pulling at the nipple, sometimes clamping down her jaw which is really painful. She will also make verbal grunting type noises. At the moment I generally unlatch her (which she is not happy about and I hate doing) try burp her before trying again or changing sides in case it's trapped wind. Have you got any other ideas? Many thanks.

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Jul 28, 2016 21:40 PM

Hi many thanks for your email and breastfeeding questions.

I think the behaviours you describe can be attributed to normal milk let down inducing behaviours, have you tried breast compressions during the feed to see if this helps?
In addition the feeding behaviors also sound very much like those exhibited by babies who are tongue tied, I attach a copy of my Tongue tie pdf if any of the contents resonate with you and how you baby feed, please seek assessment by a Lactation Consultant or other Breastfeeding specialist.

Tongue-Tie Download Katherine Fisher Jan 2014(1).pdf