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I am currently breast feeding my 2 week old baby, it is going well and he's gaining plenty of weight and no problems with latching etc. The only 'problem' is that he feeds every hour and a half (ish, sometimes slightly more, sometimes less) at night and I'm exhausted. I'm wondering if combination feeding might be an option so my husband could help with some feeds but have no idea where to start or if it would be bad for my baby.

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Jul 25, 2016 20:23 PM

Hi thank you for your email and question concerning combination feeding.
Breastfed babies at 2 weeks old will often feed the same as your baby does, offering both breasts at each feed will ensure adequate volumes can be transferred during the feed, baby can be encouraged to feed a little or more at the second breast by winding baby adequately or changing their nappy etc.
It would be advisable to see a Lactation Consultant or other Breastfeeding Specialist to check if there are any issues with either yourself or baby that may cause difficulties with milk supply including; large post- partum bleed, insufficient glandular tissue in the breast or tongue-tie etc.
if you would like to give baby additional feeds try expressing your milk and giving this to baby after feeds, if you would like to give formula milk as a supplement give this after breastfeeds to maintain the breastmilk supply, use a method like finger feeding, or paced bottle feeding that reduces the risk of baby aquiring a teat and flow preference for bottle feeds of expressed breast milk or formula milk.
I attach a download that will help you with combination feeding,

Your Baby and Expressed Breast__ Milk Download March 2014 Final(1).pdf