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I have a 3 week old baby born 2nd July 2016. She was born at 39+4.

For the first 1.5 weeks I was expressing and giving formula when needed (2 feeds per day max). She's now latching on but:

1. It takes a while to get her latched and then she often feeds for less than 10 mins and comes off.

2. She wriggles and fusses a lot when latched and pulls away but doesn't let go of the nipple fully.

3. She feeds every 2 hours normally (does go longer between 8pm and 11pm)
but sometimes she'll come off and then want feeding again minutes later and will be on the breast on and off for hours a day.

4. Has milk around her mouth when she comes off.

5. Has been having very "frothy" poos I'm the past 3 or so days.

She is slightly tongue tied and im trying to get that sorted but I've read that the above could also indicate an oversupply? Any advice greatly appreciated!!!

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Jul 25, 2016 15:42 PM

Hi thank you for your email and questions.

I think that you are doing everything right given that your baby is just 3 weeks old and also has a suspected tongue tie.

i attach a copy of my pdf about Tongue- tie, I think that you will find that all the feeding behaviours you describe are consistent with your baby being tongue tied.

Once baby has had the frenulotomy (procedure to release baby's tongue tie) she will be able to move her tongue without restriction and as a consequence feed, sleep and settle better.

Frenulotomy is not always an immediate fix for breastfeeding problems it will be important to have some follow up or ongoing breastfeeding support to help you and baby through the post frenulotomy period and towards achieving your breastfeeding goals.