Sore areolas? in Breastfeeding

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Hello. I'm hoping you can help me please. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my little boy who is 7 weeks old, but he was premature and was born at 30 weeks so we only started breastfeeding just over a week ago. Feeding from the left breast is fine, had a little nipple pain at the beginning but that's eased now. The other breast is a whole other story. It's quite painful when he latches on, but the pain is mainly in my areola rather than my nipple, it's a really sharp pain like someone is sticking pins in me and it lasts for about 15mins after each feed too :( the nurse checked and said the nipples look normal and the latch is fine. I've tried using the lansinoh cream which helps a little but is this something that will just get better with time? Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Jul 21, 2016 20:45 PM

Hi thank you for your email and question, I am wondering as baby was premature and perhaps was in a NNU and perhaps also had antibiotics that perhaps this is a fungal infection-Thrush? The pain history that you describe sounds like Thrush and can start in just one breast and then progress to the other.
Ask the team that are looking after you or your GP to check baby's mouth and bottom for Thrush symptoms, its not unusual in babies and breastfeeding mothers and is fairly readily treated with antifungal medications there is no need to stop breastfeeding.
It would also be a very good plan to ask a Lactation Consultant or other Breastfeeding Specialist to check baby's mouth for the possibility that he may be tongue tied, this can cause pain on latching and feeding in one or both breasts as baby's gums may be compressing your nipples persistently, causing the type of pain you describe.