Wet nappies in this weather in Breastfeeding

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My little boy is 3 days old he has been feeding non stop and is pooing but is having dry nappies. Should i be worried or is this because it's so hot and he is sweating a lot as well?

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Jul 20, 2016 08:31 AM

Hi thank you for your email and question, at day 3 baby should be having more wet nappies, it would be important to get a Lactation Consultant or other breastfeeding specialist to check that baby is attaching to the breast well and also transferring colustrum/milk.
In the meantime until you can access the above assistance, hand express some colustrum or milk and either syringe feed or finger feed baby this. If you dont have any NG tubes to finger feed your baby, simply dipping your finger into the milk and letting baby suck your finger will be sufficient.
From day 3-day 7 baby needs his weight in kilos x 10mls for each feed, at day 7 this increases to weight in kilos x20 mls each feed. If you are unable to express these volumes at present use a pump after hand expressing.
Monitor weight and nappy out put, baby should be weighed again at day 5.