Green mucous poo? in Breastfeeding

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My little boy is 7 days old and we haven't had a yellow poo yet. They are spinach green, and seem stringy in nature. They smell like breastfed poos but don't look like one! He poos 2-3 times over 24hours.

He is feeding well, is settled and has plenty of wet nappies. At day 5 had only lost 3oz from birth weight.

No other concerns other than possibly a latch issue as I have very sore cracked nipples. Nipples often looked pinched after feeding.

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Jul 20, 2016 08:41 AM

Hi thank you for your email and question, it sounds from your description of symptoms that there may be a tongue tie issue. I would suggest that a Lactation Consultant or other breastfeeding specialist examines baby to confirm or exclude a tongue tie.
Green poos are often associated with over or underfeeding, and tongue tied babies can feed very often and gain weight well, but cause the symptoms you describe.