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Hi, my daughter is 8 months and has been breastfed since birth. She's doing great on solids but refuses any type of bottle or sippy cup. I need to stop breastfeeding but I'm so worried she won't get enough liquids. I've tried various cups/bottles with breastmilk, formula, water, flavoured baby water. I'm also worried about the comfort side of things because she feeds to sleep.

How can I stop breastfeeding asap. Thanks!

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Jul 16, 2016 12:43 PM

Hi Many thanks for your email and question.

At 8 months, baby still needs milk, and cheese and yoghurt can contribute
to useful milk substitutes.

Bottle and cup feeding are very different to breastfeeding so the following
strategies may help;

Disguise the bottle/cup in a muslin and begin to offer at the end of a
breastfeed when baby is sleepy/calm and still in the breastfeeding position.

Give baby bottles and cups with a little milk or water in to play with.

Offer bottle teats at an almost vertical angle so that the teat stimulates
the correct part of the palate to enable sucking, its important that the
bottle is not introduced in a horizontal position as this may stimulate gag
reflex which is scary for you both.

Add milk to solid foods, and give juicy finger foods ie mango and cucumber
whils supervised to ensure additional fluids

The breastfeed at night can be the last to go, gradually reduce the time
that she feeds for.

This is just a brief idea of what may help you, a Lactation Consultant
should be able to assist you further, once you have trialled my
suggestions please email me again.