Painful nipple in Breastfeeding

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My son is 11 days old. I am successfully feeding on my left side with hardly any pain, just a little when he first latches on but I'm aware this is mormal and my nipple will get used to it. The right side however is so painful, it makes me want to cry when he latches on. I am producing milk from it as he has fed well from it and I have also expressed, it also leaks a lot. When he feeds from it though my nipple feels like it ha 100 paper cuts over it or is being rubbed on broken shards of glass.
Should I try and rest it so it can heal, the midwife said to feed through it but it is so painful. If I express but don't have him feed on that boob until it is healed could this work or do you have another suggestion?
Thank you

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Jul 15, 2016 08:06 AM

Hi, thank you for your for your email, this sounds very much like you may have Thrush a fungal infection on the breast, it can start on one breast and then progress to being on both breasts.
Discuss with your GP treatment with an antifungal cream usually Daktarin, check baby's mouth for Thrush ( a thickly coated white tongue and/ or white flecks on the inside of the mouth), in addition if baby has Thrush, they can also have a nappy rash which will respond to an an antifungal cream too. Even if baby doesnt have any thrush symptoms they will still need to be treated, no need to rest the breast, carry on breastfeeding, until the medication begins to work, Ibuprofen is a good pain relief for you.