Fussy baby in early hours of morning in Breastfeeding

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My little boy is 7 weeks old and wakes to breast feed every hour from 3am through to 7am. He sleeps from 9pm 11.30 with a dream feed and then awakes at 3am. After 7am he sleeps through til 10am sometimes! I am findin waking this often at this time of night really exhausting. I'm wondering what I can do to help. Am I producing too much foremilk because we bottle feed him
In the evening?

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Jul 13, 2016 19:02 PM

Hi many thanks for your question, too much foremilk is not the issue, because when you breastfeed your baby hind milk has been evidenced to appear within 8-12 suckles.
I would suggest that the dream feed is given at 11.30pm , and that he is breastfed at 9pm. The volume of the feed at 11.30pm for exclusively breastfed/breastmilk fed babies and mixed fed babies needs to be 20mls for every kilo that baby weighs,for example if baby weighs 4.5kg, 90mls should be sufficient. Offer the feed via paced bottle feeding keeping the bottle horizontal and giving baby a few seconds break from sucking every 15 sucks. It is also fairly normal for babies to wake hourly during the night, at 7 weeks he is continuing to transition to life outside the womb, in addition a baby's sleep cycles can be every 60-90 minutes, meaning that when he is in a light sleep during the cycle he may be easily woken if it is too dark/too light, needs a nappy change, needs a feed/cuddle.