When my milk comes in. in Breastfeeding

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My daughter is 3 weeks old, I exclusively breastfed her. But my breasts hurt when I feel the milk coming in. (When she's due for a feed) The tingle sensation that you get surly shouldn't hurt. It stops me in my tracks. Also when she latches on It can hurt to start with then stops. I know can be normal but later on in the feed it can hurt again. (Not always)
I breastfed my other daughter for 17mths so I'm a experienced breastfeeder, I don't know why this is happening this time around. I'm not enjoying feeding her. I dread the latch and the tingling hurts so much. There isn't any redness and they are not hot to touch.

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Jul 9, 2016 08:03 AM

Hi it very much sounds from the description of your symptoms that you may have ductal candiasis, a fungal infection Thrush inside the breast. This is not umcommon in breastfeeding and can be treated with Fluconazole an antifungal medication. Your GP may decide to treat you with this medication after sending a sample of your milk to confirm or exclude the diagnosis before treatment. Also its a good idea to check if baby has any Thrush inside the mouth where it looks like white flecks, or nappy rash, in addition if you have Thrush on the nipples or areolas they too will be very sensitive , and pinker than usual. If this is the case both baby and you will need trratment with topical and oral medication,