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Sam Saunders

Children's Sleep Consultant
Children's Sleep | Baby Reflux
30+ years experience

Healthcare Experience

Sam has vast experience in baby and toddler sleep training. Her sleep training methods are designed to give baby and parents restful nights, in the shortest possible length of time , and with minimum disruption to family life. Sam offers initial sleep training advice and support through video consultations, so parents can then choose to have a longer sleep training engagement if they wish.

Sam is a qualified Nursery Nurse, and highly experienced baby and toddler sleep trainer. In addition of being a mother to four boys herself, Sam has over 30 years baby care experience working both in the NHS and private sector. Sam also has extensive experience of working with babies who suffer from reflux (GERD), and can offer parents support in this ares, including approaches to managing the condition.

Education and Qualifications

sam's education and qualifications are listed below.

Nursery Nurse Examination Board NNEB Nursery Nursing Merit